• WHO I AM

    Catia Leite

    Senior Yoga Teacher and Co-Founder of SPACE Yoga Studio

    Professional, Yogini, Dreamer, Warrior

    After studying dance throughout her youth, Catia decided she required a more profound life experience, so put her dream aside and began working and traveling as often as she could.

    In 2003 her yoga journey into self-inquiry took its first steps and has since been a healing experience which has deeply changed her views on life. Catia's quest has led her to explore many styles of yoga: Sivananda, Vinyasa flow, Ashtanga, Jivamukti, Yin. She has drawn inspiration from and remains grateful to all her teachers: Guruji Sri K Pattabhi Jois, David Life and Sharon Gannon, David Swenson, Matt Corigliano, Kino, Anne-Marie Newland, and Stewart Gilchrist, who she assisted during Teacher Trainings, and is still her teacher and main inspiration.


    Catia has been teaching yoga for over 10 years and has had the privilege to teach in some of the top yoga studios in London, teaching amazing people from all walks of life. She is a freelance yogini that loves to travel and share her knowledge while learning from her students and other teachers. Catia's authentic soul is inspiring; she shares much passion, compassion, and love in all her classes, where age, background or religion is no barrier. She offers regular community classes, creating a safe space and giving a chance to those less fortunate or unsure of their path to come in and let go through the practice of yoga. Over the years she has also helped organize and run fundraising events, including Yoga Gives Back.


    Catia's classes incorporate the essence of yoga philosophy, and how to apply the wisdom of yoga into daily life, on and off the mat. Her sequences are fluid, creative vinyasa flows; a moving meditation with an emphasis on breath. She is particularly inspired by the Ashtanga practice, and imaginatively weaves her own variations into classes. Meanwhile, Catia is also adept at teaching Yin yoga, the Chakra's, and leading meditations.


    Catia's passion for teaching and traveling has seen her lead yoga workshops and retreats in New Zealand, Bali, India, Portugal, to name a few. She feels that whatever she gives out to the world is magnified and returned, and so teaches with warmth and sincerity! And it has also been said that her smile is a breath of fresh air.


    In 2017 Catia moved with her partner John from London to Brighton, where they co-founded SPACE Yoga Studio. She currently teaches there most days, runs regular workshops, and is preparing to lead her first Teacher Training Course in 2020 at SPACE.



    You're exactly where you are meant to be.


    Studio classes

    SPACE Yoga Studio, Brighton




    7:30AM Vinyasa

    11:30AM Yin Yang


    9:30AM Detox Flow


    7:30AM Vinyasa


    6PM Vinyasa


    9:30PM Yogasana

    11:30PM Yin Yang


    Catia also teaches weekly private classes, London and Brighton-Hove, which are tailored to your individual needs and health conditions.


    For Reiki healing and Thai Yoga massage bookings, please email me.


    For over 10 years Catia regularly taught at renowned London studios:

    Light center Belgravia - Victoria

    The Power Yoga Company - Parsons Green

    Yogarise - Peckham

    Indaba - Marylebone

    Sweaty Betty - HQ and Kings Road

    Lululemon - Covent Garden/Kings Road, in-store and outdoor events

    Triyoga- London

    Yotopia - Covent Garden

    Samsara Mind and Body

    Alchemy - Camden Town

    Float Spa, Brighton




    SPACE Yoga School

    300 Hours

    Foundational Yoga teacher training course

    Dates TBC

    Price: £3000 (early bird £2800

    £500 deposit is non-refundable. Payment can be made in a lump sum or installments.


    Course Tutors:


    Catia Leite - Lead teacher

    Matthew Clark - Philosophy

    Tobie Tomkinson - Anatomy & Physiology



    Are you ready to develop your personal practice and become a knowledgeable, skillful and compassionate teacher?



    The SPACE Yoga Studio Foundational Teacher training is founded on our passion to share yoga and empower students to take the next step in their knowledge of the body and movement, yoga philosophy, pranayama, and meditation. This comprehensive (300hr) course at Brighton’s premier yoga school will foster a deeper understanding of your own practice and lead to greater self-awareness. The course will also provide you with a strong teaching methodology, an excellent technical understanding of asana and human anatomy, as well as thorough knowledge of the traditions and philosophy of yoga. Teaching practice will be lead and inspired by Catia and Sarah’s background in Vinyasa Flow; together they have over 15,000 hours of teaching experience and bring alternative but complementary approaches to your course. SPACE is also delighted to have Dr. Matthew Clark (Philosophy) and Tobie Tomkinson (Anatomy and Physiology) on the faculty.


    Carefully designed for those who desire a complete, in-depth training, this life-changing 9-month programme includes 100hrs of mentored self-study to prepare and support you as you tread your path as an experienced practitioner and budding yoga instructor.


    Application requirements:


    Applicants must have a minimum of 2 years of consistent yoga practice. Attendance for all course modules is compulsory and graduation depends on the successful completion of all elements of the course. There are limited places and students new to SPACE Yoga Studio, or who have not practiced with Sarah and Catia before, are required to attend an interview and a class at the studio.


    Course content:

    • Introduction to the yoga philosophy of the main schools of yoga, as well as the evolution of modern/Western postural yoga;
    • Led asana, pranayama and meditation practice;
    • Examination of your own practice as a foundation for your teaching, including a commitment to self-practice, reflective practices, teaching practice, and class observations;
    • Basic Sanskrit
    • Deconstruction of key postures, alignment, and modifications;
    • Ethical and sensitive verbal and manual assists;
    • Guided practice of pranayama, meditation, kriyas, and chanting;
    • Savasana and restorative practices;
    • Teaching methodology - how to use your voice with confidence and authenticity and how to use relatable language;
    • Smart sequencing and curriculum planning;
    • Working as a yoga teacher;
    • Foundational anatomy and physiology in relation to yoga;
    • How to teach in a Vinyasa Flow style that is effective, inspiring and suitable for your students.


    Each student will be assigned a mentor for the course, and there will be 100 hours advised non-contact time consisting of:


    • Reading and assignments
    • Class/workshop attendance
    • Home practice
    • Class observations
    • Assisting
    • Mentor/study meetings
    • 2 class teaching observations



    Fully recognized by Yoga Alliance Professionals we are committed to providing each trainee with a comprehensive 9-month programme providing tools to develop your curiosity, evolution as a practitioner, and abilities to be an effective and powerful instructor.


    On successful completion of the course (attendance, assignments, assessment and practice log) students will receive the SPACE Yoga School Foundational Teacher Training Certificate (200hr).





    Practice experience & application

    Students must have been practicing for a minimum of 2 years and provide a letter of recommendation from their current teacher.


    Placements are first come first. All students will have to fill in an application to outline intentions and experience and submit an essay set by course tutors. Space reserve the right to refuse enrolment and can retract a students’ place at their discretion.



    A £500 non-refundable deposit will secure the place and the balance must be paid in full 4 weeks before the course starts. Space Yoga reserve the right to withhold the place if full payment is not received before the start date (exceptional circumstances will be considered).


    All contact hours, manual and assessment are included in the cost. Workshops, classes, travel accommodation, food, insurance, and first aid are not included.


    Refund policy

    Refunds are not available for those who decide to not continue with the course (exceptional circumstances will be considered). Students should email space Yoga Studio if they decide to leave the course.



    Punctual attendance and a minimum of 90% of the course must be attended in order to successfully complete the course. Trainees may be required to re-take modules in order to pass. The school reserves the right to charge additional fees for these catch-up modules/sessions/assessments.

    Successful applicants should be in good physical and mental health and have stable personal circumstances to complete this course with the focus and dedication it requires.


    Students will be expected to have a regular practice and keep a diary/journal throughout the entirety of the course in addition to contact hours.



    Complaints procedure

    Students should follow the process below should an issue arise

    1. Talk to a nominated course mentor regarding the issue (informal).  If the issue is with that tutor, students will be expected to talk to the second-course leader.
    2. Meeting with both course tutors (student will be advised to bring support with them).
    3. Written complaint via email to Space Yoga Studio which will be responded to within 7 days
    4. Complaints will remain anonymous unless there is unsafe behavior that needs to be referred to other professionals.
    5. Space yoga will provide an answer/solution where possible within 7 days.  If this is not possible, the school will provide reasons why and a possible route forward.


    Code of conduct


    By entering the Space Yoga Foundational Teacher Training course I agree to the code of conduct of acceptable, ethical and professional behavior listed (but not limited to) the following in conjunction with the teaching and business of yoga. I will;

    • Conduct myself in a professional and conscientious manner
    • Ensure that my practices and behavior conform to the representations I make about myself in holding myself out as a yoga practitioner.
    • Seek development of skills, experience, and practice where appropriate
    • provide the public with safe and effective yoga teaching
    • Create and maintain a safe and clean environment for the practice and teaching of yoga
    • Encourage diversity by respecting all students regardless of age, physical limitations, race, creed, gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation
    • Respect the rights and privacy of students
    • Refer students to alternative instruction /advice which may be more appropriate should my skills be limited.
    • Avoid words and actions that constitute sexual misconduct
    • Adhere to the traditional yoga principles as written in the Yamas and Niyamas.
    • Follow all local government and national laws that pertain to my yoga teaching and business.


    I agree to comply with the conditions and requirements as set out in the Space Yoga course curriculum, and accept that failure to do so will disqualify me from any accreditation. I commit to upholding the standards of the teachings I have been given, and to maintain and promote the good name of yoga and Space Yoga Studio and its course tutors at all times. I accept that failure to do so may result in annulment of the accreditation of or partaking of the course.


    Information and Q&A sessions will be held at SPACE



    For more info and to book your spot click below:




    30 Hour Yoga Immersion Living the Eight Limbs of Yoga a Journey of Self-Inquire

    Price: £300 / £270 (SPACE Members)
    Non-refundable deposit: £50

    (includes vegan food and manual)
    @ Space Yoga Studio


    The last immersion was FULLY BOOKED!

    New course Spring 2020, 15 students max.

    I'm very excited to announce that I will be running a 30 Hours immersion a journey of self-inquiry through the practice of yoga this Autumn at SPACE Yoga Studio. This life-enhancing immersion will be held over 3 weekend afternoons within SPACE. We heartily encourage you to come to deepen your practice and learn more about - 'Living the eight limbs of yoga' and how to implement them in our everyday life, on and off the mat. It will take place in our beautiful, serene and welcoming studio.

    Each day will begin with a 90-minute yoga class including breath-work (pranayama) and restorative postures. This will be followed by a detoxifying, wholesome vegan lunch. After which, I will lead a discussion on the foundations, principles and moral precepts of ‘yoga’, followed by a brief period of introspection. The penultimate part of each afternoon will focus on alignment and structuring your own self-practice. The day will draw to a close with a short meditation and mantra.

    These unique, themed afternoons at SPACE are suitable for anyone:

    1. looking to improve their physical yoga practice;
    2. wishing to increase their general health and well-being;
    3. considering a Yoga Teacher Training Course;
    4. aiming to develop self-practice and create a daily ritual;
    5. wanting to learn about the tradition and principles of yoga;
    6. seeking deeper levels of self-inquiry.

    The immersion will run over 3 weekends at SPACE, each day from 13:30-18:30:

    21st -22nd Sep.: ‘Yamas & Niyamas’
    19th - 20th Oct : ‘Asana, Pranayama & Pratyahara’
    9th-10th Nov: ‘ Dharana, Dhyana & Samadhi’






    You are exactly where you're meant to be.


    POP UP classes @SWEATY BETTY

    Brighton shop

    3rd, 17th, and 24th June 2019

    9th, 16th,23rd and 30th of Sep. at 18:15

    I will lead you through a Yin Yang yoga practice. Find effort and ease, stillness and comfort in your practice, and leave feeling wonderful, grounded, empowered and full of love and compassion.


    POP UP class @SPACE

    Yin Yoga and LIVE Harp

    20th of June 2019


    Back by popular demand for their 3rd installment: myself & world-class musician Siobhan will be hosting a divine Yin Yoga class to sounds of live harp and crystal bowls. The Harp has been used for many therapeutic purposes, including anxiety, stress, chronic fatigue, and pain, while crystal bowls work on a deep level within our being as we are primed to receive their sound. Let go and slow down into your ‘yin’ practice while enjoying the sounds and vibrations emanating from crystal singing bowls, and experience an even deeper level of relaxation. Such bowls are a wonderful accompaniment to yin yoga as the vibrations help to clear and rebalance our energy systems.

    Greenwich Festival

    14th of July 2019


    Yin Yang Yoga and LIVE Harp with me and Siobhan Swider


    The Harp has been used for many therapeutic purposes, including anxiety, stress, chronic fatigue, and pain, while crystal bowls work on a deep level within our being as we are primed to receive their sound. In the first ‘yang’ part of this extended practice, let the heavenly sounds and vibrations of the harp calm your mind, body, and spirit. Then, let go and slow down into your ‘yin’ practice while enjoying the sounds and vibrations emanating from crystal singing bowls, and experience an even deeper level of relaxation. Such bowls are a wonderful accompaniment to yin yoga as the vibrations help to clear and rebalance our energy systems. This unique class with our senior teacher Catia and world-class musician Siobhan is bound to invite renewal and prepare you for spring.

    Green Man Festival

    15th -18th of August 2019

    Nature Nurture
    Yoga Brunch



    Come and join me on the mat this summer at Green Man Festival - Brecon Beacons.



    SPACE Wild Yin Yang retreat

    Delving deeper into the unknown


    £600 /£775



    Ashiyana is a welcoming, stylish and comfortable retreat space nestled within Alto on the edge of the Amazon. Already renowned in Goa, Ashiyana Brazil offers delicious, wholesome food, luxury spa treatments and that fine balance between wilderness and homeliness.

    The retreat is surrounded by freshwater rivers, some 200 waterfalls, thermal springs, and the largest crystalline bedrock on earth. Immersed in abundant nature and located by the entrance to the Chapada Dos Veadeiros National Park (Unesco World Heritage site), Ashiyana is a unique destination and the perfect place to deepen your practice and let go for a while.


    The setting:

    The setting is quite magical, hidden from view and surrounded by mountain-tropical flaura and fauna. All five Cabanas (10 rooms) are set at the lower level of the hill, a short walk from the Loquinhas river flowing through the land. The main building, housing the lounge, restaurant and reception is at the top of the hill, a 2/3 minute walk away, and the shala and spa area is even closer, just behind the Cabanas.


    The design of the Cabana rooms was inspired by the architecture of Bahia, the coastal state famous for its delicious seafood cuisine and dance culture (think Samba!). Each Cabana has two separate double rooms, built of wood and local brick, and finished with cream-coloured, polished plaster. There are high ceilings, separate toilet (en-suite), basin and shower, and a beautiful balcony with day bed. Each room has a fan, mosquito nets and has locally produced furniture and finishes. The feel is an elegant, understated mix of comfort and vernacular design.


    Delving deep Into the wild, surrounded by nature, bathing in crystallise waterfalls, you will be mesmerised by the energy of this land. Gently moving with life and all other living beings. You’ll wake up every morning to the sound of nature. Birds singing all kinds of beautiful songs. Amidst powerful crystal energy, a healing sanctuary awaits you. Explore this sacred land of Alto Paraiso and Chapada dos Vedeiros as well as your own inner landscapes.

    Retreat from the outer layers of your being and let the magic begin. Our retreat will be a journey of a lifetime: healing, luxurious, grounding and abundant in warmth and joy. We invite you to join us...



    8am – 10am: Vinyasa Yoga

    Just after sunrise, we will meet for a 2-hour Vinyasa workshop, where we shall explore different postures and how to move organically between each one with the breath. Diving into a daily yoga journey through a strong practice helps create a foundation for developing your discipline and a greater expression of self-love. The essence, principles, and magic of this yoga practice will help you explore and experience asana to its depth, as together we will journey beyond mere physical sensation and into more spiritual realms.

    5-6:30pm: Yin Yoga

    Once the heat has subsided a little we reconvene for our 2-hour evening Yin practice. In this session, we will focus on working at a deeper level, understanding the different layers of the body: astral, casual and subtle, and explore the chakras how they relate to energy sites in our bodies. Yin is about quality rather than quantity and will hold postures for longer, allowing you to go much further, and providing space to observe your thoughts, emotions, levels of resistance, and attachment. In this class, you will create space within and move closer to your real self as you surrender and open up body and mind to the unknown. It is highly advised to come to each practice with an open mind and heart; to observe and let go, to witness without judgment, and eventually surrender to all there is and embrace the experience happening right here right now.



    7 nights’ Accommodation;

    Full Yoga Retreat program;

    Yummy organic buffet (breakfast, Lunch & dinner) for your entire stay;

    Day Trips to waterfalls, crystal mines, and mind-blowing scenery;

    Free WIFI (if you really need it).


    Single room: £775 Shared room (2 max): £600


    Booking Terms: To save your spot we ask for a £200 non-refundable deposit of the full amount. The remaining balance must be paid in full 8 weeks prior to the retreat (August 31st).


    Early bird: save £50 if you book before June 30th.


    Cancellation: You may cancel up to 8 weeks before the retreat begins and obtain a full refund less your 25% deposit; 6 weeks for 50% refund. Unfortunately, we are not able to refund you if you cancel less than 4 weeks before the retreat begins.



    Flights and transfers are not included in the price. However, we can help you arrange them so if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.


    London – Brasilia 13.5 hrs (1 change Lisbon) TAP Air/Azul/British. KAYAK best price: £600


    2.5-hour taxi from the airport to Ashiyana: £80


    Please have a look at accommodation in the link below and if you wish to book get in touch:




    Terms and conditions

    Yoga Spa Wine

    A SPACE Day Retreat with Catia & John

    £55 / £50 SPACE Members


    Throw off the political blues and weight of the changing clocks and join us for an Autumn day retreat this November. We all deserve to treat ourselves now and then, and what better way than indulging in a deep yoga class, nutritious meal, spa sauna, and organic wine. Yum.

    The day will include:

    > 2 hour Yoga Master Class led by John and Catia
    > Homemade vegan daal lunch & tea
    > Taxi to Box Sauna on the seafront
    > 2 hours Finnish Spa experience with salt rubs
    > Glass or 2 of decent wine

    Limited to 15 people, this special day will leave you feeling wholesome, high and cleansed.




    Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today.




    "I have lost count of the yoga styles and classes I have tried in my job as a writer and editor at the Evening Standard so I can say with conviction that Catia's is one of the very best in London.
    While teaching a super-dynamic style, she makes careful corrections of her students and will always encourage and help everyone to master new postures.
    The hard work she asks of you is all worth it for the endorphin release and steady mind you achieve by the end of class."

    - Jasmine Gardner, Deputy Features Editor, London Evening Standard


    "Catia is an inspirational yoga teacher, she is challenging and motivational. You'll come out of her class feeling ready to take on the world..thank you x"

    - Nicky Purnell, Marketing Director at HW Fisher & Company


    "I find Catia's class simultaneously challenging, holistic, positive with a great balance between strenuous and relaxing. She is a fantastic teacher who makes every person in the class feel cared for. This is exactly what I want from a yoga class."

    - Anjali Mehra, Dancer, and Actress


    "Catia is a wonderful senior yoga teacher, her teaching is advanced and accessible, grounding and energizing. Calming and joyous. Always smiling, she is one of the most inspirational teachers I have practiced with."

    - Alain Zak


    Reviews and Blogs

    Teacher Review: Catia Leite - The Power Yoga Co.

    "If you've ever wondered how strong, thorough adjustments can improve a practice this is a great class to try. Catia mixes good flow with long holds that allow her to knead student’s bodies to advance their poses. Excellent strong hands-on adjustments Balanced class with mix of fast and slow pacing and good variety of poses"

    Posted by Guru Review



    Yoga Magazine: Studio of the month - L!FE Shoreditch:

    by Alexandra Martinelli



    Five Feathers Blog:


    London Naturally Blog:

    "All the classes are brilliant, but my favorite escape is Catia Leite’s vinyasa flow class. Catia is a small and supple, tough and toned, coiled spring of energy. The sort of person you can’t picture walking down a drizzly street in London. I can only imagine her lithe, tanned form, with its necklaces, rings and mysterious tattoos, on some distant beach, stretching under the sun..."

    by Cari Thomas



    Sweaty Betty Blog:

    "Catia Leite is Sweaty Betty’s own support office yoga instructor and a hugely inspiring life force who helps all of #TeamSB to find their Om during a weekly Wednesday lunchtime yoga class. Also an instructor for London’s esteemed Power Yoga Company, Catia is known for her challenging Ashtanga yoga sequences and rejuvenating Yin & Yang restorative sessions. She also shares Sweaty Betty’s passion for adventure, which she is taking to a new level this December with a Wild Yin & Yang Yoga Retreat in the North Island of New Zealand..."



    Culture Whisper Magazine:

    "Desperately Seeking Serenity? We've selected the best Yoga in London."




    Because you’ll usually find me in London or New York, most of my recommendations are city-focused. But when I heard about this gem of a yoga studio, I knew I had to share it with you. Space Yoga in Brighton is one of the most beautiful studios around…


  • Past

    Workshops, Events, Festivals




    Indaba, London - Inversions and Arm balancing, June 2012

    Power Yoga company, London - Chakra flow and Meditation, May 2013

    Light Centre Belgravia - Flowing through the Healing Sound of the Halo Live with Antonio Soto, February 2014

    Light Centre Belgravia, London - Yoga Gives Back Global Fundraising event "Thank you Mother India", November 2015

    Light Centre Belgravia, London - Moving through Transitions Workshop, February 2016

    Yoga West Studio (Titirangi, NZ) - Shakti Immersion, Yin and Tonic Workshop with live Sitar, May 2016

    Light Centre Belgravia, London - Yin Yang Workshop November 2016

    Space Yoga Studio, Brighton - Back to Basics - 'Yoga fundamentals' October 2018

    Space Yoga Studio, Brighton - Back to Basics 2 - 'Warriors' November 2018

    Space Yoga Studio, Brighton - Setting intentions - Yin Yang & Live Harp with Catia and Siobhan January 2019


    Alexandra Palace, OM Yoga Show, London - Yoga Gives Back Global fundraising event - charity class, October 2016

    Alexandra Palace, OM Yoga Show, London - Yoga Gives Back - charity class, Practice * Serve * Love* October 2017


    World Yoga Festival - Reading, UK 7-9th of July 2017

    Sri Jasnath Asan (ashram), Panchla Sidha, Rajasthan, India - Utsava Maa Goddess Wisdom Festival, 27-29th Sep 2017

    Brighton Yoga Festival, County Cricket Ground - Hove, 16th of July 2018

    Greenman Festival, Brecon Beacons - Nature Nurture, 16-19 August 2018







    I look forward to reading you

To make a booking, we need 25% deposit of the full amount  - is non-refundable. (this is for retreats outside Europe, retreats within the EU, we require 35% deposit, 25% non-refundable). The remaining balance must be paid in full 8 weeks prior to the event.

8 weeks or more prior to the retreat date, 75%, of the full amount will be refunded, less 25% which is your deposit.
6 weeks prior to the retreat date: 50% of the full amount will be refunded 
4 weeks or less prior to the retreat date: payments are not refundable.

We strongly recommend that you have full travel insurance to cover medical expenses and personal and belongings.

It is important to let us know of any healthy issues/diagnosis, injuries you might have for your own safety. Also for your own peace of mind if you unsure about your health always consult your doctor.

You are responsible for ensuring that you have a valid passport and any necessary visas and any necessary or required inoculations or other health requirements.